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Can help you dominate the first page of Google for words and phrases people use everyday to find businesses like yours.

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I have been helping small businesses in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridge gain page 1 rankings at the search engines since 2006. It's amazing how much difference you can add to your bottom line when you have a website working 24 hours a day for you gaining fresh new leads.

Search engine optimisation
 is not as complex as it's made out to be. There are really two areas you have to consider.

On Page Factors - Things you control. They would include items like keyword research, page titles, alt tags on images, internal linking, page content and meta descriptions and keywords (although Google doesn't consider these anymore many of the small search engines still do) -

Off Page Factors - This is where most people fall down and yet this is the single most important ranking factor. Look at Google as a great big link counting machine. The more links to your site then the more important your site must be in Google's eyes. Obviously, this is a really simplistic description, but my aim here is just to let you know it's the number and quality of the links pointing to your site which will determine your rankings more than any other factor.

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