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Can help you dominate the first page of Google for words and phrases people use everyday to find businesses like yours.

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  • I'm tagged when you hire me

    One thing you can count on when we work together is the simple fact I will only work for 1 type of business in each area.  Therefore, if you're a solicitor, dentist, estate agent etc. I won't work for any of your competitors in the same area.

  • Traditional media is dying

    You only have to look in the local and national papers to see the massive decline in 'old style' advertising. It's expensive, time consuming and hard to track, whereas online it's quick, highly trackable and you get much more 'bang for your buck'.

  • SEO, a lifeline for business

    Whatever way you look at it, the internet is here to stay and right now Google is the first port of call when people go online. Look at it as the Yellow Pages for the 21st Century only instead of paying to be first you've got to earn it.

  • A Simple SEO Process

    I'll walk you through every step of the process and you will be able to track and validate everything I do right down to the number of visitors, keywords and clients you pick up from the work I do. Forget paying for outdated marketing methods that don't work.

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